Who are we? We’re just like you. Single people, married people, parents and grandparents. People who sit in traffic during their daily commute. People who enjoy watching their kids play sport on the weekend. People who watch reality TV shows about singers and chefs. And those who don’t. And like you, we all have our griefs and struggles.

But let’s take a closer look. Coming together from the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Christ Central Presbyterian Church is a community of people whose experience of God’s love to us in Jesus infuses us with hope and meaning. Jesus changes everything and shapes our church in every single way.

We’re a church who welcomes.
Our church isn’t for the select religious few. Since we know that God has loved us out of grace, our desire is to welcome everyone and show that God takes us as we are. We don’t wear ‘Presbyterian’ as a badge of honour or ‘Christian’ as a label of self-righteousness. You’ll discover we don’t hold onto traditions for the sake of it and we want to teach the bible in a way that connects with you.

We’re a church with a sense of gladness.
We’re not fake with our struggles, but we’re still deeply grateful to God for all that He’s done. You’ll notice this in our Sunday gatherings, in terms of our music and how we talk to God in prayer. And we enjoy the bible taught clearly and powerfully. This is not because we’re guilt-ridden and are trying to be more moral. Rather our thankful hearts reach out to hear more of God’s grace to us in Jesus.

We’re a church where relationships are everything.
We don’t congregate together to take in a religious show, as if all the action is on the stage. The action is in our community life where we serve each other and build genuine relationships. Our Sunday service is just the beginning and this is where our growth groups come in. We want to be involved in each other’s lives because Jesus stepped into our lives and sacrificed himself for us.

We’re a church where we want the best for each other.
We value community but not for the sake of it. As we come together, all with different backgrounds, many with a Christian faith and some who are taking their first steps, we want everyone to be growing as followers of Jesus. This requires honesty and humility. Because Christians are forgiven sinners, we have no place for self-righteousness and at the same time we want people to experience inner transformation that only Jesus can give.

We’re a church where every day matters.
Knowing how much God has served us in Christ, our hearts are changed to be orientated towards others, not ourselves. So we serve others in the community of church, but it doesn’t stop there. Knowing Jesus shapes us as children, housemates, parents and spouses. Knowing God’s love for us in Jesus changes the sort of boss and employee we are. We don’t divide between ‘the spiritual’ and ‘the secular’. We want people to live with the reality that all of life belongs to God.

We’re a church with news to tell.
Being a Christian means we’ve experienced forgiveness and reconciliation with God through Jesus’ death on the cross for us. What Jesus did is astoundingly good news. Since we’ve gained so much we don’t see life as meaningless, a project to acquire as much as we can while we can. Rather we want to be part of God’s mission to have more people growing as followers of Jesus. We want to help people live out an open Christian faith in all their relationships and also be a church worth inviting others to.

We’re a church not just for ourselves.
We’re a church which doesn’t exist for our comfort. We look outwards. Because Jesus has given us so much, we have much to give. We want to serve the school where we gather, Eatons Hill State School; be hospitable in our neighbourhoods on the northside of Brisbane; be supportive of other churches who share our vision; and reach out to the world through the support of cross-cultural mission.