Bible Talk Series

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2 Kings 25:1-12 – Exile & Rest


The story of the Old Testament is a story with a very unhappy ending. Israel was promised rest of the promised land, but ultimately they missed out because of their hard hearts. But Jesus came to give us real rest, and real home. We’re encouraged to make sure we also don’t miss out on this […]

Exodus 20:1-21 – The Law & Our Hearts


Is Christianity about keeping some law and upholding good morals? No. Can Christians even keep some law and uphold good morals? No. But that’s the good news of the Christian faith. Even though we can’t, Jesus did. And Jesus can change us so that obedience comes from the heart, rather than motivated by guilt, obligation […]

Genesis 12:1-9 – Abraham & Faith


The story of the Old Testament is a story from ancient times, but it still profoundly speaks to our life today. Abraham was a man of faith and his life teaches us what faith in God means for us. Faith is trusting in promises. Faith is living not by sight. And faith in the only […]