Bible Talk Series

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Mark 3:13-21 & 31-35 – Your Family


It would seem good and virtuous to be pro-family. Certainly Christians can have the reputation of being pro-family. But at one point in his life, Jesus rejected his family and downplayed the importance of it! It’s right to honour our families but Jesus wants to show us the way of the Christian life that views […]

Mark 8:27-38 – Deny Yourself


Our Summer Series of bible talks is all about the serious and shocking things that Jesus taught his disciples. These might be well known sayings for Christians who know their bible, but do we actually live them out? Jesus said to his disciples that they must deny themselves. Such an instruction stings us deeply. And […]

Mark 3:7-35 – A New People


In Jesus’ own day, not everyone was a fan of Jesus. His own family thought he was out of his mind! But Jesus came to show the way to belong to God’s family. The way into God’s family is not through special religious moral action. The way in, is through accepting Jesus, accepting what he’s […]