Bible Talk Series

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Malachi 3:13 – 4:6 – Real Judgement


It’s easy to feel that God is not there, or if he is, he’s uncaring or unable to deal with the injustices in the world. But the promise of Malachi is God hears, God remembers and, he will deal with the issues of the world. God brings judgement and also brings healing and hope for […]

Malachi 2:17 – 3:12 – Real Giving


This bible talk series on Malachi is about how our worship of God flows into every aspect of life. There is no compartment shut off to Him. Last week was about marriage. This week is about money. We can use money to show compassion and want justice for the weak and vulnerable. And we can […]

Malachi 2:10-16 – Real Marriage


Marriage is a deeply spiritual thing. How we relate to God will inevitably effect how we relate to our spouse. The decision on who we will marry, our raising of children, and our attitude to divorce, will all flow out of the relationship we have with God. When we properly understand God’s grace to us […]

Malachi 1:1-2:9 – Real Worship


The people of Malachi’s time are going through the motions when it comes to worshipping God. It’s like they don’t really care and their cynicism comes from a place of doubting God’s love for them. Do you ever feel like you’re going through the motions with God yourself? When we comprehend God’s amazing love in […]