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Matthew 2:1-18 – Gifts for a King


Merry Christmas for 2012! In the gifts that the wise men give to baby Jesus we learn some extraordinary things about this child. Jesus is the God-Man who deserves our worship. An such worship is from the heart when we know he’s the only one who can save us.

Hebrews 4:14-5:4 – The Incarnation, Like Us & For Us


It is great to have a relationship with someone who really understands you and ‘gets’ you. This is what Jesus offers us because of ‘the incarnation’. Jesus was like us in life. He was like us in his death. And he continues to be for us, speaking for us and representing us to the Heavenly […]

Colossians 1:15-23 – The Incarnation, God’s Initiative


The message of Christmas is that God took the initiative to reveal himself to us. This is what ‘Immanuel’ means, ‘God with us’. The theological term in this series is ‘the incarnation’. The incarnation is not that man became God or that God became a man. The the third person of the Trinity entered our […]