Bible Talk Series

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The Holy Spirit & Prayer


Prayer is more than making a connection with God. It’s an aspect of the relationship we can enjoy with God through Jesus Christ. And for genuine Christian prayer, the Holy Spirit is intimately involved. The bible says ‘pray in the Holy Spirit’. We’ll be finding out what this means. Bible Readings: Jude 17-23, Ephesians 6:10-20.

The Holy Spirit & Growth


God is not a distant being that gives us rules to live by. He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit and He is near, He is personal and we can enjoy relationship with Him. And how we live matters to Him. You can do something which becomes unforgiveable to God – blaspheme the Holy Spirit. […]

The Holy Spirit & Gifts


The Holy Spirit equips his people to serve and build the church. Do you believe that you have unique gifts that others need? It’s true! But gifts are not necessarily the same as talents and outward gifts are not the same as inward spiritaul maturity. Listen to this talk and discover how you can discern […]

The Holy Spirit & Guidance


Do you desire a relationship with God where there’s a flow of communication and the God’s guidance is personal and real? This is the role of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit wants to leads us to Jesus. The Spirit of Truth wants to speak to us. Are we ready to listen? Bible Readings: Hebrews 3:7-15 […]

The Holy Spirit & Belonging to God


Do thoughts of your Dad bring happiness and joy? Or is their pain and longing for what might have been? God is a Father, the best, the most loving, gracious and sacrificial Father. And the Holy Spirit brings transformation so that we can be ‘born-again’ as his children. By the Holy Spirit, God adopts outsiders […]

The Holy Sprit & The Trinity


It says in the bible that ‘God is love’. But what does it mean that God is love? When we understand God as the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we begin to understand that God has always expressed and received love. God himself is perfect friendship. This is heavy stuff! But when […]