Bible Talk Series

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Matthew 1 – A Family Tree of Kings


In our third and final week of looking at the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel, we discover the most striking thing of all – Jesus came from a line of kings. In the history of the bible, Israel consistenty had brutal and selfish kings. But Jesus the Christ is a different sort of king, […]

Matthew 1 – A Family Tree of Great Promise


Before the arrival of a baby, new parents are filled with excitement as they wait for their new life to begin. But throughout the history of Israel, there was a type of waiting that lasted across generations and across hundreds of years. A child was promised. A saviour was prophesied. Jesus was that child.

Matthew 1 – A Family Tree of Shame


Matthew’s gospel starts with the family line of Jesus, also know as Jesus’ genealogy. Is this list of famous names from the bible a ‘hall of fame’ of great godly saintly people? When we delve into the lives of these people we discover some dirty, sordid secrets. And yet this is exactly the people that […]

Matthew 2:1-18 – Gifts for a King


Merry Christmas for 2012! In the gifts that the wise men give to baby Jesus we learn some extraordinary things about this child. Jesus is the God-Man who deserves our worship. An such worship is from the heart when we know he’s the only one who can save us.