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2 Samuel 22 – The Christ Our Reigning King


In the final talk of our 2 Samuel Series we take a look at David’s psalm in Chapter 22. The central theme of this chapter is God’s covenant promise made with David back in Chapter 7. God has told David that he will show steadfast love to his anointed, to David and to his offspring […]

2 Samuel 23-24 – Trusting In The Christ


God is active and at work in this world in ways that don’t always make sense to us, but the fact that God is at work – even in difficult and dark circumstances – is a great source of comfort for those who trust in him. David failed to trust God even after everything God […]

2 Samuel 13-14 – The Christ, The Son Of David


2 Samuel 13-14 is one of the darkest chapters in the bible. There is rape, incest and murder within the royal family of Israel. This moment reminds us that there is not always a ‘moral to the story’ when we look at the bible. In fact, sometimes there’s no morals whatsoever! But God is shown […]

Samuel 11-12 – The Christ Who Pardons


Sex scandals seem to make for popular reading. But in reality, they leave behind broken people, regret and sadness. The bible has its own sex scandal – the affair between King David and Bathsheba. It’s a story about the power of sin, but also it’s a story how restoration is found through that sin being […]

2 Samuel 9 – Sheltering With The Christ


What is the most amazing gift you have ever received? In 2 Samuel 9, David gives an incredible gift to a guy named Mephibosheth. David invites this potential enemy into his palace to eat dinner at his table everyday as though Mephibosheth was one of David’s own sons. It’s extravagant and unexpected. It’s also an […]

2 Samuel 7 – The Christ Who Will Reign Forever


What do you give the person who has everything? David is lounging in his palace reflecting on all that God has done for him and he decides it would be nice to “give a little back.” However, God in his grace never has enough of giving. He requires nothing from David – just as he […]

2 Samuel 6 – The Christ Who Rejoices


The events of 2 Samuel 6 can be difficult to accept, but they beg the question: “How would you want God to be?” David’s mistreatment of the ark of God shows that God’s holiness means judgement, but the blessing that follows shows that God’s holiness with mercy means our unimaginable joy. The ark was a […]

2 Samuel 2-5 – The Christ Who Reigns

2 Samuel gives us the gritty reality of what it was like for David, the anointed one, to take up the throne of Israel. And during a time of early civil war, there was a time when he was recognised as king by some, but not by all. We’ll discover that David acts in such […]

2 Samuel 1 – Killing The Christ


War and battle means that there will be those back home who will grieve for those who have fallen. This is how the book of 2 Samuel begins. David mourns that the King of Israel, Saul and his son Jonathan, are dead. Saul was the failed ruler of Israel and yet it is still a […]