Garnet and Kirsty Swann

Garnet is married to Kirsty and they’ve been married for 17 years. They have two children, Noah and Amelia. Garnet has been the senior pastor of Christ Central since it started 9 years ago and he counts it as his great privilege and joy. The Swanns live in the local community and both Garnet and Kirsty are involved in various ways at Eatons Hill State School which they think is a fantastic school. Garnet loves to see people take hold of the good news of Jesus and then let this truth shape all of their life.

Matt and Bonnie Fong

Matt left Brisbane in 2002 thinking he was going to be a doctor. God, however, had different plans and he has now returned with his wife, Bonnie and son, Aidan. Matt joined the team at Christ Central as an assistant pastor and is keen to see people impacted by the word, flowing into lives of love, service and a desire to make Jesus known. Matt and Bonnie love going out for brunch and tackling a crossword together.

James and Chelsea Jensen

James and Chelsea were married in 2007 and have since been blessed with two beautiful children, Luke and Sarah. Originally from Melbourne, James and Chelsea joined the Christ Central family in 2014 with James serving in the role of Youth Pastor. James and Chelsea enjoy playing almost any kind of sport when they get the chance. Together they are excited about sharing the good news of Jesus with people, both young and old on the north side of Brisbane.

Kylie and Steve Buchanan

Kylie and Steve Buchanan were married 20 years ago and have a tribe of 3 rapidly growing boys. Kylie is our children’s co-ordinator and loves working with kids and their families. Sharing the gospel with the kids isa highlight for Kylie as well as seeing the kids grow in their love and understanding of Jesus. Both Kylie and Steve spend time each week hanging out with the young people at Christ Central as leaders in our youth ministry. As a family, Kylie, Steve, and the boys, enjoy camping and relaxing at the beach.

Chris and Rebecca Gargan

Chris grew up in Cairns but moved to Townsville for university to study Chemical Engineering. After working as an engineer for 5 years, Chris did a ministry traineeship in Townsville in 2014-2015. Chris is married to Rebecca and they have 2 daughters, Samantha and Madison. They have a passion to see God’s word taught and lives transformed by the gospel. Together they have decided to be further trained for a life of ministry by moving to Brisbane where Chris is attending Queensland Theological College.

We also have a team of volunteer elders who provide leadership and oversight to our church. The term ‘elders’ doesn’t mean the elderly! It’s a term from the bible, meaning men with wisdom who can help guide the direction of the church and provide the example of Christian living to others. Our team of elders consists of (from left to right) Josh Oakroot, David Williams, Steve Buchanan, David Nash and Liam McGovern.