At Christ Central Presbyterian Church we call our mid-week small groups ‘Growth Groups’ and we consider them the heart of our church life together. In our Growth Groups people look at the Bible together but they are for much more than that. It’s in our Growth Groups where we build relationships with each other, and create community. Our Growth Groups are not just something that happens for a few at church. They are church, and we’d love you to be part of one.

Growth Groups Vision (PDF)

What Happens in a Growth Group?
Growth Groups meet to look at the Bible together and the group leader works through prepared questions which are provided to help facilitate discussion. Our usual pattern is to look at the same Bible passage that was preached on the Sunday. This allows us to go deeper and discuss together how God’s Word applies to real life. But Bible study is the means, not the end. We want people to grow as followers of Jesus and so it’s in Growth Group where we can live out God’s Word and care for each other in practical ways. Growth Groups are not a study group, they’re about Christian growth in community with others.

Who Goes to Growth Group?
In our Growth Groups at Christ Central the Bible study material won’t make assumptions on what you know and neither will the leaders. There will be no expectation placed on you to read the Bible or pray out loud. So if you are investigating the Christian faith or are new to it, our Growth Groups are a great place to be. But if you are new to the Christian faith, you might also want to try out our short course called ‘Christianity Explored’.  It’s a six week course based on a DVD presentation.

Where and When Do Growth Groups Meet?
The groups meet in people’s homes at different times of the week. We have a day time group for women, a late afternoon group on Sundays and the rest of the groups meet in the evening.  There’s an evening men’s group and an evening women’s group and the other groups are for couples, families, singles, anyone!  Some parents organise baby sitting, or go on alternate weeks or bring their kids along.  It’s totally up to you!

Why Join a Growth Group?
If you’re new to church we appreciate there’s a ‘settling in period’ but after that, we invite you to join a Growth Group at Christ Central. We think Growth Groups are important because we believe an hour-slot on a Sunday morning just isn’t enough to build relationships with others. There is so much to receive (and give) in being in a Growth Group. Our Growth Groups are always ready to welcome a new member and we’d even like to start new groups for new people.

If you have questions about our Growth Groups, please talk to our Growth Group Coordinator, Matt Fong.

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